ALVA is esy, because it intelligently connects outdoor lighting

Intelligent paths

The ALVA bollard lights embody the ideal for robust yet intelligent outdoor lighting. With an integrated motion detector, they can automatically control entire lighting groups.


Attractive accents

With their tapered light and the integrated light halos, the ALVA up-/downlights create a fascinating light effect for attractive and timeless, modern façades.


efficient inputs

Thanks to motion detectors, the advantages of an intelligent control system can also be used with the ALVA wall and ceiling lights, such as the orientation light and twilight switch function.


Water and dirt bounces right off

The die-cast aluminium housings are protected against sea air and guarantee optimum resistance, with the best level of protection against the ingress of water and dust. Their powder-coated surfaces do not just give the design a luxurious aesthetic: they stand out due to their dirt-repelling lotus effect and anti-graffiti properties.

Resistance is compulsory

Thanks to the die-cast aluminium or extruded profile and high protection-type values, the ALVA series is extremely robust and durable.

Keeping an eye on demand.

Thanks to an integrated motion detector, the lights illuminate only when needed. Even existing lights can be incorporated into this system, as can other end devices. This functionality enhances safety and  comfort – as well as saving energy. An orientation light feature and twilight switch function are also included.

Individual light management for demand-driven scene control

If you wish to exploit the full potential of a lighting system, you need to implement a well-thought-out light management concept. After all, an intelligent control system is the only way in which you can create lighting moods that are tailored to your personal requirements. If the lights are networked, this is particularly simple to achieve. 

ESYLUX once again relies on the DALI digital standard for the ALVA series. DALI optimises the dimming behaviour of LEDs, can be easily integrated into higher-level building systems and allows suitable lighting profiles for every situation to be created conveniently. With the DALI-compatible versions of the ALVA bollard light, your own ideas and concepts can be easily realised. 

If the bollard lights are additionally equipped with motion detectors, they are able to automatically control not only themselves, but also entire lighting groups. For example, when a person approaches, the networked lights switch on simultaneously and switch off again once the person has left. It does not matter which direction they approach from. This means that the light only uses energy when it is really needed.

Would you like to incorporate other lights in the network? No problem: Devices that are not DALI-compatible can easily be integrated using an additional module from ESYLUX (DALI switch). For example, the ALVA up-/downlights, the wall or ceiling lights – and perhaps even the fountain in your entrance area. If you want to, you can always switch the devices on and off manually using the relevant button. And if you forget to switch the devices off, our technology will take care of it automatically.

The motion detector optionally fitted in the bollard light and wall/ceiling light also offers you additional useful control functions: If necessary, it can provide an orientation light that continues to emit a soft, pleasant glow when there is no longer anyone in the immediate vicinity. Or you could use its twilight switch function, which causes the lighting to switch on independently as soon as it gets dark outside. When the sun rises in the morning, the artificial light switches off automatically.


Advantages at a glance

  • Bollard lights in different sizes and diameters
  • Up-/downlights with tapered lighting
  • House number lights or pathway lights for wall and ceiling mounting
  • High-quality die-cast aluminium housing
  • Dirt-repellent thanks to powder coating with lotus effect
  • Clear or opal white diffusors available
  • With different beam angle or light distribution
  • Variants with and without motion detectors, orientation light and twilight switch function
  • Can be connected to DALI as an option