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Improve indoor air and light efficiently. ESY!

One device to control
multiple items

The ATMO presence detector delivers multidisciplinary control in KNX systems. Not only does it record the current lighting situation, but also senses changes in temperature, humidity and, in the highest configuration level, also air quality.

  • Up to 6 individual sensors in a single device for easy planning and installation
  • Presence and daylight dependent constant light control
  • Demand-dependent control of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and air purification appliances
  • 3 configurations to suit various requirements


Up to six sensors in a single device enable the ATMO presence detector to adjust the lighting to the optimum brightness automatically and provide a healthy and productive ambient climate at the workstation – all while maximising energy efficiency.

Radiation-free PIR sensors
with no electrosmog

quality of life

High air quality, a comfortable interior atmosphere and the right lighting keep personnel healthy and improve their performance at work. Regular air exchange is therefore extremely important in modern, highly insulated buildings.

Versions for every room

Different rooms have different requirements: this rule of thumb also applies to improving the indoor climate and air conditions. The ATMO presence detector can therefore be supplied in several configurations with individual sensors for a range of applications – or simply to deliver a different level of comfort.

PD-ATMO 360i/8 O AUX 30V KNX

  • Air quality (VOC)
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Passive infrared (presence)
  • Acoustic (presence)

PD-ATMO 360i/8 A KNX

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Passive infrared (presence)
  • Acoustic (presence)

PD-ATMO 360i/8 T KNX

  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Passive infrared (presence)
  • Acoustic (presence)

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Extensive multi-sensor elements for intelligent light and HVAC control
    • Visual or acoustic warning for demand-driven ventilation

    Air for clear minds

    Air quality is often equated to CO2 levels, even though CO2 is odourless and therefore cannot be an indicator of malodorous air. The VOC value for volatile organic compounds delivers significantly more information: They may be anthropogenic vapours from synthetic and building materials, furniture, carpets and cleaning agents or biogenic vapours caused by people and food – an everyday occurrence, particularly in enclosed spaces.

    Air quality measurement with VOC

    Excessive concentrations of mixed gases such as VOCs have a negative effect on mood and cause symptoms of so-called sick building syndrome such as eye irritations, headaches, fatigue and dizziness. Apart from special requirements as in industry settings, VOCs are therefore the main reason for ventilating a building.

    In the highest expansion stage, the ATMO presence detectors improve the air quality automatically and energy-efficiently via VOC sensor and control of the air conditioning or ventilation system.

    If there are people in the room, the CO2 content in the air increases to a similar extent as the VOC content. If the presence detector activates the ventilation when a certain VOC value is exceeded, it also reduces the CO2. A total of three threshold values allow individual optimisation of the air quality in each room. Depending on use and equipment.

    Convenient energy efficiency

    Use energy only when it is really needed – the ATMO presence detector implements the principle of demand-driven automation in a particularly all-embracing way. It only activates the light and the air conditioning and ventilation system if the circumstances actually require them. And even during operation it keeps consumption low because it ensures that all the devices only work as hard as actually necessary at any specific time.

    Control air conditioning or ventilation system in line with demand

    The ATMO achieves presence and daylight dependent constant light control and also controls the heating and air conditioning or ventilation system depending on whether somebody is actually present and within defined limit values. That means it reduces energy consumption in all systems whilst also enhancing comfort at work.


    Typical applications

    Two-channel light control with offset

    Particularly in rooms with only one bank of windows, users also benefit from lighting control with two broadcast channels: an offset between two channels enables the lights close to the window to dim even if 100% illuminance is still required in the area of the room furthest from the window. This creates optimal lighting conditions while improving energy efficiency.

    Other KNX functions:

    • Second light channel with offset control
    • Acoustic warning for manual ventilation
    • Presence simulation
    • Scene telegram via object
    • Night light (7 colours to choose from)

    Typical applications

    Open-plan offices
    PD-ATMO 360i/8 O AUX 30V ​​​​​​​KNX

    Regular improvement of the quality is particularly recommended in environments where there are lots of people within one room. The targeted control of working light, temperature and air quality creates uniformly good, fatigue-beating indoor air and improves productivity.


    Classrooms and staff rooms
    PD-ATMO 360i/8 O AUX 30V ​​​​​​​KNX

    Large class sizes, the intensive use of cosmetics and body care products as well as vapours from pens, glue – ATMO presence detectors in classrooms and staff rooms ensure a control supply of fresh air to create an atmosphere for focused work.

    Waiting rooms
    PD-ATMO 360i/8 O AUX 30V KNX

    High levels of traffic, high pathogen loads, disease-laden body vapours or typical hospital odours mean that regular air exchange is essential. The solution: automatic ventilation and venting plus presence-dependent lighting and heating control.

    Conference rooms
    PD-ATMO 360i/8 O AUX 30V KNX

    The more people that are present, the faster the quality of the indoor air is reduced and the room temperature rises. This results in fatigue and reduced performance. Its active indoor air monitoring system enables the ATMO presence detector to deliver excellent air quality automatically and keep the room temperature constant with its heating controls.

    Sanitary facilities
    PD-ATMO 360i/8 A KNX

    Excessive humidity levels in sanitary facilities enables condensation to form on cold surfaces which allows mould spores to grow at room temperature. By recording the relative humidity to calculate the dew point, the PD-ATMO 360i/8 A KNX rectifies this situation and also controls the light and heating. The use of the PD-ATMO 360i/8 O AUX 30V KNX is advisable if odours are an additional burden.

    Single offices
    PD-ATMO 360i/8 T KNX

    In rooms with very low numbers of personnel, the main objective is to achieve a temperature of between 20 and 24 °C as well as excellent lighting – the perfect task for the PD-ATMO 360i/8 T KNX which controls the heating or air conditioning system and also has a presence and daylight dependent constant light control. Choose the highest ATMO configuration with an automatic air quality improvement function for even more comfort.

    Switching alternatives

    Whether it is 230 V, DALI or KNX: automatic presence-dependent control of ventilation can make a valuable contribution to improving quality of life and energy efficiency. ESYLUX can therefore supply presence detectors with a simple HVAC output or a DALI actuator as accessories for all conventional control technologies.


    COMPACT series

    Control in a uniform design

    • Numerous variants for multi-channel light and HVAC control
    • One design for all applications within a building
    • Two-piece housing for simple installation
    • KNX wall-mounted detectors with motion direction detection function


    COMPACT MINI series

    Quality sensor system in the smallest format

    • Particularly compact design for unobtrusive operation
    • DALI and KNX designs with orientation light function
    • KNX versions with individual switch-off delay time for HVAC


    FLAT series

    Energy efficiency in an elegant design

    • Stylish design with flat body
    • Small junction box provides a large wiring area in every flush-mounted socket
    • Automatic parameterisation of light ballasts (DALI broadcast)
    • Multi-channel light and HVAC control (KNX)