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Europa-Park-Stadion Freiburg

Sports arena takes energy efficiency to a new level

Satisfying the latest requirements for functionality, stadium experience and entertainment whilst also helping to create a sense of identity: As the home ground of SC Freiburg football club, the Europa-Park-Stadion has capacity for 34,700 fans, steep stands and modern architecture. From the very outset of its construction, it was also decided that the stadium had to use natural resources sparingly and in such a way as not to damage the climate. The main building and undersoil heating systems are heated using waste process heat from a neighbouring industrial estate, while located just a few storeys above is the largest photovoltaic system on a stadium roof in the world.

Another important contribution to reducing energy consumption is made by a presence and daylight-dependent lighting control system that uses smart COMPACT presence detectors from ESYLUX. These detectors are used in various locations around the stadium, for example in the stairwells, hallways, sanitary areas and the storage facilities for the groundsmen. Due to their automatic switching cycles, these detectors are more reliable than using a manual lighting solution and also take full advantage of the long service life of LED illuminants. In order to incorporate additional areas, it was decided to use versions with an additional HVAC control output in the toilets to control the ventilation system.

  • Hallways, stairwells, sanitary areas, storage areas and fan areas: COMPACT series presence detectors
  • Areas requiring an expanded field of detection: COMPACT series slave presence detectors
  • Sanitary areas in the main building: COMPACT presence detectors with additional HVAC control output