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Gosau operations centre

The life-savers in Gosau rely on ESYLUX

Be it a routine deployment or spectacular event – the volunteer fire service in Gosau is always ready to rescue. Not only is the state-of-the-art operations centre the headquarters for the 50-strong fire service, it is also home to the 35 members of the mountain rescue team and the road maintenance task force. Now during missions, not only do the processes for the fire service take place automatically, they are supported by a KNX system and the motion detectors from ESYLUX in the new building.

“The entire lighting system and particularly the entrance to the building was included in the control system. When the fire service is called, the KNX system receives an alarm announcement and automatically unlocks the entrance doors and switches on the lighting.

The ESYLUX KNX solution was selected to avoid unnecessary lighting and ventilation.

  • Exterior: MD-C360i/24, MD-W200i
  • Sanitary facilities: MD-C360i/8, PD-C360i/8plus, PD-C360/8 slave
  • Corridor: PD-360i/8 KNX
  • Entrance area: PD-C360i/8 mini KNX
  • Changing room: PD-C180i KNX ECO
  • Other: MD 180i/R
  • SLE LEDi SC surface ceiling mounting, SLE LEDi SC wall mounting