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Hansa-Berufskolleg Münster

Modern architecture combined with an optimal learning atmosphere

Hansa-Berufskolleg is one of six vocational schools in the city of Münster. Over 4000 pupils, approximately 200 students and more than 130 teachers work and share knowledge for the future daily in 27 study programmes.

To be able to concentrate fully on what is being taught requires excellent learning conditions – the presence detection technology from ESYLUX helps ensure that the facilities in Hansa-Berufskolleg are not only the best in terms of architecture, but that they are also energy efficient and cost saving. In addition to constant light closed loop control in classrooms and corridors, it also ensures that the lights are only switched on when required.

The PD-C devices from the brand ESYLUX create comfort for students and teachers.

Elektro Heikes of Münster was the electrical installation company that completed the work.

  • PD-C360i/24 DIMplus
  • PD-C360i/24plus