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Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Energy efficiency in the age of photons

Light plays a crucial role for the scientists at Berlin's Helmholtz-Zentrum, where everything revolves around the photon — the "light particle". From producing and using photons to energy conversion, scientists here are on the hunt for new, energy-efficient solutions. The goal: to tackle global challenges, such as the energy revolution.

To create the ideal conditions for this work, the workplaces in Berlin are modernised on a regular basis. This included the relocation of the "Methods for Characterization of Transport Phenomena in Energy Materials" working group, where the focus was on using natural daylight as well as ensuring that the lighting was as close to natural lighting as possible. The decision made was for an intelligent lighting system from ESYLUX with SymbiLogic energy-efficient Human Centric Lighting in the form of NOVA Quadro sets.

  • Offices, corridors and kitchen/lounge: NOVA 625 120W TW CRYSTAL QUADRO SET lighting system
  • Sanitary facilities: ELSA 165 15W 3000K MILKY on/off downlights, MD-C 360i/8 mini motion detectors

Image source: HZB/Volker Mai