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LSW Netz GmbH, Wolfsburg

Energy supplier benefits from energy-efficient LED lighting control

With a network area of around 2115 square kilometres and decades of experience and expertise in planning and managing electricity, gas, water and district heating networks, LSW supplies energy to the city of Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony, where the company is based, as well as to numerous towns and municipalities in the surrounding areas. In consultation with the government, administration, property developers and the public, the company is developing new concepts for energy, heat and transport.

As part of the renovation of its site in Fallersleben, LSW installed LED lighting and intelligent presence detectors from ESYLUX. BASIC presence detectors provide demand-driven and energy-efficient control of OLIVIA moisture-proof luminaires in storerooms and document storage areas. In corridors, DUO-DALI presence detectors control ELSA SQUARE downlights and provide convenient orientation light when no people are present. Lighting systems with ESYLUX Light Control and SymbiLogic technology enable energy-efficient Human Centric Lighting to be used in all office spaces so that employees experience increased vitality, motivation and concentration.

  • Private offices, open-plan offices and conference rooms: ELC lighting systems with SymbiLogic technology and recessed lights from the CELINE series
  • Entrance areas and corridors: DUO-DALI presence detectors from the COMPACT series, downlights from the ELSA SQUARE series
  • Sanitary facilities: Presence detectors from the BASIC series, downlights from the ELSA series
  • Storerooms and document storage areas: Presence detectors from the BASIC series, moisture-proof lights from the OLIVIA series