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Intelligent lighting for clean laundry in Kilemoen

A company called Menova in the Norwegian town of Hønefoss is helping people to find a job, with an increased focus on those who find it particularly difficult to gain employment. As an employer, Menova contributes to this by providing jobs itself. This includes, for example, an assembly department, a fruit delivery service and a modern industrial laundry service with around 30 employees in the Kilemoen industrial estate, which is regularly certified in the areas of quality control, energy management and environmental friendliness.

When redesigning the rooms in Kilemoen, they decided to use energy-efficient ESYLUX technology consistently throughout the rooms. In the laundry areas, COMPACT presence detectors control LED moisture proof luminaires from the OLIVIA series; in the individual offices, ISABELLE pendant lights and CELINE ceiling lights are controlled by BASIC presence detectors; and STELLA ceiling lights and COMPACT motion detectors are installed in the changing rooms. System lights with ESYLUX Light Control ensure flicker-free work lighting and presence and daylight-dependent constant lighting control in meeting rooms, open-plan offices, entrance areas and in the canteen.

  • Laundry area: OLIVIA series moisture-proof luminaires, COMPACT series presence detectors
  • Individual offices: ISABELLE series pendant lights, CELINE series ceiling lights, BASIC series presence detectors
  • Changing area: ceiling lights STELLA series, motion detector COMPACT series
  • Meeting rooms, multi-person offices, entrance areas and canteen: ELC lighting system with CELINE series recessed ceiling luminaires