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Opel Partner Dello Hamburg

Safety and energy efficiency in warehousing and logistics

When planning the new Dello central warehouse, one of the biggest Opel dealers in Europe, two things were essential: the safety of the employees and also state-of-the-art and energy-efficient stock management.

The artificial lighting in logistics centres or high-bay warehouse storage is often switched on 24 hours a day for continuous operation and due to the applicable occupational safety conditions – even if no-one is present. Continuous lighting in the main transport routes is also sensible because of safety reasons. However, constant lighting in the secondary corridors is unnecessary. This means there is huge potential for greater energy efficiency.

To achieve the highest safety standards and meet the demand for minimal energy consumption, the entire surface area of the warehouse (22,000 m²) was fitted with the ESYLUX PD-C360i/24 DIMplus WH warehouse detector. This presence detector is perfect for installing at great heights. In addition, thanks to the detector's elliptical field of detection, the detector activates only the connected series of lights in the corridor even if just a single person is present.

ESYLUX provides energy-efficient lighting control at Ernst Dello GmbH & Co KG in many other areas.

Thanks to the user-driven control of the lighting, the contribution of ESYLUX products to the energy efficiency of the building is doubled. For one thing, they reduce the energy used by the lighting by a total of almost 62%. Plus, the ESYLUX presence detectors impress thanks to a low standby power consumption of less than 0.3 watts.

  • PD-C 360i/24plus, PD-C 360i/6 mini, PD-C 360i/8 mini