Preschool Vreta

Intelligent lighting for playful learning

The preschool in the Vreta municipality, close to the central Swedish city of Eskilstuna, looks after seven groups of around 130 children. The goal of the supervisors is to create an environment that inspires the younger generation and makes them want to learn. The farm adjoining the building complex also contributes to this unique setting and motivates and inspires play.

ELC lighting systems with panel lights from the NOVA series ensure flicker-free lighting in the classrooms, sleeping rooms and playrooms. They also feature presence and daylight dependent constant light control to create the best learning environment. The installer was also pleased: The time needed for installation was reduced by around 40 percent compared to similar systems thanks to plug-and-play installation.

  • Classrooms, sleeping rooms and playrooms: ELC lighting system with panel lights from the NOVA series
  • Sanitary facilities: Wall lights with integrated RF motion detector from the ELLEN series
  • Refuse room: OLIVIA-series moisture-proof lights