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Wassink Installatie

Multidisciplinary planning under the best work lighting

Dutch company Wassink Installatie specialises in sustainable, energy-saving solutions for both business customers and private clients. From electrical systems to air conditioning and lighting systems, the company implements complete installations across entire buildings and carries out its own plumbing, zinc and copper work as required. The company benefitted from this multidisciplinary expertise when constructing one of its own office and warehouse buildings in Doetinchem.

With the aim of ensuring sustainable energy efficiency, those in charge of the project opted for innovative technology and optimal lighting in the workplace. In the office and meeting rooms, they installed a plug-and-play lighting system with ESYLUX Light Control and energy-efficient human centric lighting through SymbiLogic technology. FLAT motion detectors automatically switch the lighting on and off in sanitary facilities and corridors, while COMPACT motion detectors control flicker-free STELLA ceiling lights in the archive and copy room.

  • Office and meeting rooms: ELC lighting systems with ceiling lights from the CELINE series and energy-efficient human centric lighting through SymbiLogic technology
  • Sanitary facilities and corridors: motion detectors from the FLAT series
  • Warehouse: motion detectors from the COMPACT series
  • Archive and copy room: ceiling lights from the STELLA series and motion detectors from the COMPACT series