Innovation - Indoor lighting


Light management for a better quality of life

Enough brightness to complete visual tasks. Light that renders colours naturally, or a dynamic, biologically effective adjustment of brightness and light temperature throughout the day. These are just a few of the challenges that indoor lighting must overcome — completely independently, if necessary. Even in buildings with the most generous provision of windows, people never get the full pleasure of natural daylight.

With our innovations, we have mastered these demanding challenges through a combination of high-quality LED lighting and intelligent, energy-efficient control technology. This allows us to complement sunlight in places where there is not enough, or provide the best possible substitute in places where the sunlight cannot reach. In addition, our solutions are always easy to implement, because we can only truly help people if this is the case.

ESYLUX — the official partner of daylight


BETTER TO SEE AND BE SEEN. PRANA+ — lighting to meet the highest standards.

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WHEN A GOOD MOOD FROM ABOVE IS JUST WHAT IS NEEDED.- For individual lighting moods with high colour consistency

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LED recessed surface-mounted and surface-mounted ceiling lights in the NOVA, ALICE and CLARA series — the complete range from ESYLUX

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