A COUPLE for every task

ESYLUX automation and lighting solutions create intelligent synergies for greater efficiency, comfort and well-being. Like their predecessor, the successful universal remote control, the ESY-Pen and the ESY-App remain true to this principle.


The ESY-Pen and ESY-App allow users to easily parameterise and control all remotely controlled ESYLUX presence detectors, motion detectors and lighting systems via their smartphone or tablet.


Saving, managing, documenting, cloning: With the ESY-Pen and the ESY-App, there is now also the option to manage project libraries on the go. Plus, the ESY-Pen's integrated light sensor enables easy light measurement during installation.

The ESY-Pen and the ESY-App make commissioning and parameterisation easy.

Mobile Management
With the ESY-App, you have access to your project library at all times! And for optimum flexibility, create projects in the office and simply transfer the configuration construction site.

Previously implemented configurations can be retrieved and transferred to products of the same type via the ESY-Pen.

The project documentation is integrated into a PDF report that can then be emailed and printed off as required.

Mobile project management

The ESY-Pen and the ESY-App allow users to save, access and transfer projects:

  • Each project can be saved with a unique name and description in the ESY-App
  • No project is too big for the ESY-App: Up to 64 floors can be created, each with up to 64 rooms and up to 64 devices per room
  • Within the ESY-App, a few clicks take the user from the project to the room of their choice where they can quickly identify, select and configure ESYLUX products
  • Configured projects can be stored in the ESY-App or forwarded on to other users as necessary. Previously implemented configurations can be retrieved and immediately transferred to products of the same type via the ESY-Pen
  • The project documentation is integrated into a project report which can then be sent as a PDF document and also printed off as required


Simply switch on the ESY-Pen, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet and connect the ESY-Pen in the ESY-App using the device PIN. The ESY-Pen is immediately listed in the dashboard of your ESY-App and is ready for use.

The ESY-App is available free of charge for both iOS and Android and is also backwards-compatible with available ESYLUX presence and motion detectors.

Intelligent synergy

The ESY-Pen and the ESY-App ensure you always have the right tools for all remotely controlled ESYLUX solutions. This means you are set up for all current and future installations with ESYLUX. The silicone tip makes the ESY-Pen ideal for use as input device for the touchscreen surfaces on smartphones and tablets!


Simple initial operation ...

The ESY-App allows users to easily parameterise all remotely controlled ESYLUX presence detectors, motion detectors and lighting systems via their smartphone or tablet. The ESY-Pen uses infrared technology to simply transmit the Bluetooth commands from the mobile end device. In this way, ESYLUX offers user-friendly and future-proof operation that works independently from interfaces!

... and control

Spontaneously dim the light in the office for a presentation, or make the light brighter if a storm is gathering outside:
The ESY-Pen and the ESY-App come in useful for remotely controlling lighting in the workplace as well. For example, individual users can very easily control the lighting and adapt it to their situation at any time.

Depending on which device is activated, the lights can be turned on or off, dimmed up or down and changed to a different colour. For lighting systems with ESYLUX Light Control (ELC), these functions are available using only the ESY-Pen.

Standard configuration
of all remotely controlled ESYLUX products with the ESY-App and the ESY-Pen as a bridge (IR)

Direct configuration of products with an integrated Bluetooth module
via the ESY-App

Manual, direct control of ELC lighting systems
using the ESY-Pen

Light measurement
made easy

As specialists in sensor technology we have also integrated a light sensor into the ESY-Pen to allow easy light measurement during installation:
The ESY-Pen sends the measurement results to the ESY-App, where it is automatically displayed.


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