FLAT is esy, BECAUSE it represents maximum performance with slim design

efficiency in design

With the FLAT presence and motion detectors, there is finally something to shout about when it comes to room aesthetics: Thanks to its slim design and clear, linear form, they integrate harmoniously into any room structure.


minimal installation

The low overall height of the power box results in an installation depth of only 30 mm for the detector, leaving enough space for quick and simple wiring.


in perfect harmony

The FLAT detectors not only intelligently control the lighting, they also show the aesthetics of the room in the proper light, particularly when combined with the stylish downlights from ESYLUX.


Different looks

An installation height of only 6.8 mm that looks presentable anywhere: if you are searching for a first-class range of designs, you will always find the perfect variety with the FLAT detectors. They are available in white or black and a round or square shape.


Always flexible

For all their versatility, the FLAT detectors always follow one principle: efficient automation for any building. After all, the variety of their connection options with such slim design is unrivalled on the market.

In combination with the DALI switch, the FLAT presence detectors offer the perfect introduction to digital room automation. The additional switching channel allows for the integration and control of conventional output devices such as ventilation, multimedia devices or air conditioning units, enabling them to automate all the room technology with even lower power consumption. Another advantage of the DALI bus is the simple cabling and wiring – and broadcast mode dispenses with complicated software configuration.

  1. 1 = PD-FLAT-S 360i/8 RW DALI incl. CU PS DALI power supply, item no.: EP10428708     
  2. 2 = SW DALI Full Automation, item no.: EP10427473     
  3. 3 = ESYLUX ceiling lights, NOVA series

Further advantages

  • Also available as a set including DALI bus power supply (e.g. PD-FLAT-S 360i/8 RW DALI)
  • DALI broadcast for easy commissioning, independent configuration of the electronic ballast
  • Field of detection can be extended via master-slave communication
  • HVAC systems can be expanded with the ESYLUX DALI switch
  • Input for conventional switches
  • Also available as a set with 200 mA DALI bus power supply (CU PS DALI)

The 230-V devices are characterised by their particular durability: Zero-cross switching reliably protects the relay of the detector against high in-rush currents.

Further advantages

  • Zero-cross switching for switching behaviour that protects the relay
  • Field of detection can be extended via parallel wiring
  • Including push button input + Also includes PD-FLAT mounting box and pre-assembled GST18i3 inlet and outlet

A night-light feature is integrated into the FLAT KNX detector, which can be simply activated and deactivated using a button. Seven different colours are available for the night light thanks to the three RGB LEDS installed behind the lens.

Further advantages

  • Extensive individual configuration options from 47 communication objects
  • Constant lighting control, including non-presence-based control
  • Detector can be configured as master or slave
  • Two orientation light levels
  • Night-light feature with 7 selectable colours
  • Separate presence detector in the KNX system

A = diagonal passage area up to 8 m Ø
B = head-on passage area up to 6 m Ø
C = operating area up to 4 m Ø

Powerful detection

Despite its flat lens, the FLAT series also demonstrates high output in detection: The range of the passive IR sensor is greater than 8 m in diameter at an installation height of 2.5 m to 3 m and a field of detection of 360°. Connecting several detectors in parallel for an even greater range is easy, thanks to the push terminals with through-wiring function, even in the master-slave mode (DALI).

stylistic variety

For use on exposed concrete, the covers are available as accessories in concrete grey or, for even greater design freedom, with a high-quality glass surface.

versatile installation

The white variant of the round FLAT detector is also available as FLAT Large (104 mm Ø) for bigger recessed boxes. In combination with the matching ESYLUX C IP 20 surface-mounted box, there is also an additional assembly option available for the FLAT Large detector.

Efficient automation saves costs

The FLAT detectors not only save height, they also save costs because they only use light where someone is actually present, significantly reducing energy consumption. The one-part detectors also guarantee simple installation and the durable quality makes the automation solution maintenance-free.