Energy-efficient outdoor lighting control. ESY!

Reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions using sensor-based control systems

Using demand-driven control of entire lighting groups is an optimal solution for those wishing to reduce their energy consumption in outdoor areas with particular efficiency. This conserves the customer's budget and reduces global CO2 emissions and night-time light pollution. ESYLUX products make it easy to plan and implement a demand-driven solution.

sensor system

ALVA bollard lights control a lighting group automatically and efficiently — and make optimum use of the long service life of LEDs. Conventional lights can be easily integrated using a DALI actuator.


sensor system

Time-dependent operating modes, creep protection, harmonious design:  ESYLUX offers outdoor motion detectors to suit all requirements — while also ensuring increased safety around the building.


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Solution A: Controlling the ALVA series
via integrated sensor systems

  • Protected against sea air, robust and dirt-resistant
  • Variants with integrated motion detectors feature orientation lights and twilight switch functions
  • Motion detector for the energy-efficient control of other lights and switch actuators

Solution B: Controlling the ALVA series
using separate sensor systems (RC, DEFENSOR, MD-W)

  • Motion- and daylight-dependent control of ALVA lighting groups via separate sensor systems
  • A wide range of designs for different requirements
  • RC and DEFENSOR with creep protection
  • DEFENSOR with special functions for increased building safety (e.g. intelligent vandalism and sabotage protection and time-dependent operating modes)