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Human centric lighting
for every budget. ESY!

Energy-efficient, fully automatic HCL
using SymbiLogic technology from ESYLUX

Human centric lighting (HCL) creates daylight-type lighting in rooms by simulating the dynamic brightness and colours of natural daylight to improve quality of life at every workstation. With SymbiLogic, automation specialist ESYLUX has developed a technology that also implements this modern form of lighting extremely energy-efficiently using intelligent sensors. ESYLUX solutions with SymbiLogic also stand out due to their simplicity and excellent value for money.

Natural daylight is the best light for humans. This is because the interaction between the sun and blue sky as well as the changes in brightness and light colour over the course of the day have a far-reaching and enormously positive influence on hormonal balance. Unfortunately, people today hardly get any daylight — they spend most of their time indoors.

Human centric lighting (HCL) solves this problem by providing daylight-type lighting with dynamic brightness and colour adjustments. It is also known as biologically effective light.

Humans as the focus

Intelligent lighting from ESYLUX automatically adjusts to different situations and times and therefore improves the quality of life at a workstation sustainably. Our solutions for offices, educational institutions and health facilities deliver a comprehensive range of functions for this purpose.

Photosensitive ganglion cells in the retina of the human eye are where it all starts: their reaction results in what is known as the non-visual melanomic effects of light on human beings.

  • Bright, cold white light activates and promotes vitality, well-being and concentration capacity
  • Darker, warm white light, such as the evening sun, encourages relaxation and rest

Just like daylight, human centric lighting also affects our body clock: It suppresses the hormone melatonin during the day and therefore stabilises the day and night cycle. This enables us to get more restful sleep — making us better prepared for the day.

Human centric lighting
using plug-and-play

Lighting systems with ESYLUX Light Control (ELC) make room-by-room modernisation using SymbiLogic energy-efficient HCL particularly simple:

  • Installing, grouping, scaling and networking using plug-and-play
  • Extensive range of additional functions
  • Excellent value for money

People benefit at every single workstation


Educational institutions

Health facilities

In addition to a uniform light level, SymbiLogic also provides a special variant for workstations in offices:

  • In the morning, the light enlivens personnel by dynamically increasing brightness and blue light content
  • After lunch, additional activation counteracts typical afternoon fatigue
  • Towards evening, darker, warm white light prepares occupants for the end of the working day
  • Better quality of life for modern workstations
  • Energy-efficient design, simple planning
  • Plug-and-play installation in individual rooms
  • Increase in property value
  • SymbiLogic adaptive HCL light control delivers the energy-efficient use of daylight as its brightness changes over time
  • In doing so, it bases its adjustments on a dynamically changing setting
  • In other words, it uses the time-tested principle of constant lighting control for HCL
  • Lighting with SymbiLogic is also only active when people are present