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Efficient and future-proof light control. ESY!

DALI-2 takes you to the future

If you're looking to install an intelligent light control system in offices, educational institutions and health facilities, it's impossible to ignore the DALI international industry standard. With the ability to address and control individual lights and lighting groups, it offers users an unparalleled level of flexibility. Its planning and installation functions are also much less complicated than those of conventional lighting systems and users can update the configuration via software without having to update any hardware.

Cross-manufacturer interoperability

The development of the standard into DALI-2 now also ensures interoperability between devices from different manufacturers, allowing the very best devices to combined. DALI-2 presence detectors from ESYLUX are the number one choice for control. These detectors increase quality of life and energy efficiency in any workplace, offer the largest variety of functions in a compact design and enable easy configuration via the ESY-App!

Why you will benefit from DALI-2

  • Internationally established, open industry standard
  • Cross-manufacturer interoperability
  • Individual addressing and control:
  • Reconfiguration via software without the need to update any hardware
  • Bi-directional communication with status feedback
  • Robust bus communication with collision detection
  • Can be used as a sub-system (e.g. with KNX)
  • Optimal dimming of LED lighting
  • Installation requiring fewer materials and less manual effort

ESYLUX solutions for DALI-2 and DALI

Intelligent and powerful

  1. Optimal lighting conditions with maximum energy efficiency provided by SymbiLogic technology or constant lighting
  2. Multi-room control of up to 16 groups with numerous configuration options
  3. Simple manual override via push button inputs
  4. Energy-efficient switching thanks to additional switching output
  5. Control based on the day of the week and time of day (e.g. for orientation lights or night operation)
  6. Button-controlled special functions (e.g. central and alarm functions)

Multi-room control

APC presence detectors with integrated control unit

The APC presence detectors (APC: Application Controller): act as the intelligent switch cabinets in DALI-2 solutions from ESYLUX: These detectors combine a control unit, bus voltage supply, multi-sensor technology and push button input and enable autonomous control of up to 16 groups without the need for a complex building automation system.

Furthermore, the components are bundled in a single housing, making planning and installation much easier. Several configurations are available, enabling numerous functions for comfort and energy efficiency.

Compact and powerful

  • Integrated DALI control unit and DALI bus voltage supply (250 mA)
  • Passive infrared presence detectors offer presence detection and light sensor technology
  • Integrated switching output for HVAC or additional lighting (16-A relay, potential-free)
  • Quick installation in suspended ceilings using a standard drill bit and without additional accessories (Ø 68 mm)
  • Field of detection of Ø 8, 24 and 32 m
  • Bi-directional communication via built-in Bluetooth module
  • Four inputs for conventional push buttons (non-floating): Available 230-V button can be used directly, without the need for a DALI-2 button!

BMS presence detectors as input devices

BMS presence detectors (BMS: Building Management System) supplement the APC presence detector (APC: Application Controller) of a system as this detector only detects presence and measures brightness in its own room zone.

Using built-in presence and light sensors and additional push button inputs, BMS presence detectors (BMS: Building Management System) supply the necessary information to all other areas, setting the foundation for all 16 groups to be controlled individually. The design variants from the COMPACT, FLAT and COMPACT MINI series offer solutions for a wide range of visual requirements.

Functional advantage for every zone

APC presence detectors also offer a huge array of innovative control functions, such as alarm functions, central functions and an energy-efficient power cut-off for DALI drivers.

Whether using the swarm function, orientation light or time-controlled night operation, all users in any building can benefit from individual light control. The APC presence detectors (APC: Application Controller) can be combined with the BMS presence detector (BMS: Building Management System) to form intelligent lighting groups in all sections and offer a variety of functions for lighting in every room zone as required.

In this example, the APC presence detector controls 13 groups within a section of building (up to 16 groups are possible).

Function highlights: Flexible group switching

Easy adjustment for when room usage changes

The purpose of certain areas in modern rooms can be prone to change depending on the different application scenarios. DALI-2 solutions with decentralised control from ESYLUX can be optimally configured to meet these changing demands.
The lights of one area are all separated across multiple groups. Depending on the situation, one of up to three switches that are connected to the push button input of an APC or BMS presence detector then activate another group scenario. This can be triggered by someone using the light switch or opening or closing a partition. The advantage of this over DALI scenes is that the light closed loop control is not stopped by this process, it continues to work in an energy-efficient manner!

Group switching scenario 1:
Partition is closed

When a partition is closed, this divides the room in scenario 1 in two halves. The lights in the two halves are each assigned to a different group. The presence detectors each follow an individual light closed loop control in their group.

Group switching scenario 2:
Partition is opened

In addition to the groups mentioned in scenario 1, all lights and presence detectors in the room are also assigned to a currently inactive group 3. By opening the partition, the push button input of the presence detector activates group 3 and simultaneously deactivates groups 1 and 2. This results in a uniform and harmonious light closed loop control for the entire room.

Smart input on all levels

BMS presence detectors feature high-quality sensor technology and elegant design variants, making them especially useful in centrally controlled building management systems.

Many large, modern office buildings use building management systems with a central control function. BMS presence detectors (BMS: Building Management System) from ESYLUX feature field-tested high-quality sensors, making them a top choice for building system management as they reliably supply the control unit with all the necessary information. Furthermore, the FLAT and COMPACT MINI variants are the ideal solutions for spaces with sophisticated design features.

Overview of the BMS presence detector

  • Easy to integrate in third-party building management systems, such as those from Beckhoff, Wago or Helvar (Router 950)
  • Integrated presence and light sensors
  • Compact, flat or particularly small series design
  • Potential-free inputs for conventional switches (2x COMPACT, 1x FLAT)
  • Field of detection of Ø 8 m (FLAT, COMPACT MINI) or of Ø 8, 24 and 32 m (COMPACT)

Simple DALI: Broadcast

Alternatively, ESYLUX offers presence detectors with broadcast mode as single-room solutions for an easy entry-level solution to DALI without addressing.

As existing buildings are modernised to be more energy-efficient, project managers sometimes have to work through the building room by room. ESYLUX solutions with DALI Broadcast offer the ideal sensor solution for this type of scenario.

The sensors do not need to be addressed, are ready to use instantly without having to change the factory settings and when combined with DUO DALI presence detectors from the COMPACT series, offer solutions with two light channels and an energy-efficient offset.

Example of application in a classroom

In constant lighting control concepts for lighting systems with lights near to and far from windows, an offset between the light channels ensures optimal lighting conditions and improved energy efficiency.

Downward compatibility DALI-2 to DALI

Due to backwards compatibility, DALI-2 control gear can also recognise and interpret DALI commands. This means ESYLUX DALI Broadcast detectors can also be used in lighting systems with DALI-2 lights and operating devices. The DALI-2 operating devices can interpret and follow the DALI commands from the detectors without any issues.

Presence detectors with two broadcast channels

  • Presence and daylight dependent constant light control
  • Control of two lighting systems with offset
  • Integrated bus voltage supply for up to 25 operating devices per light channel
  • Orientation light
  • Up to two additional switching channels with a DALI actuator as an accessory
  • Two push button inputs for manual control
  • Temporary override by remote control
  • Ready for use immediately with factory settings
  • Low energy consumption

Presence detector with one broadcast channel

  • Presence and daylight dependent constant light control
  • Up to two additional switching channels with a DALI actuator as an accessory
  • Push button inputs for manual control
  • Temporary override by remote control
  • Orientation light
  • Ready for use immediately with factory settings
  • Bus voltage supply as an accessory

Actuators with two switching outputs

ESYLUX actuators supplement all Broadcast presence detectors by up to two switching channels (screens, interactive boards, accent lighting or HVAC). The lights and actuators can be operated as a fully automatic or semi-automatic system.

Project access at all times

The ESY-App not only helps users to easily configure DALI-2 solutions from ESYLUX, it also acts as a personal project library that installers and planners can access at any time. You can create projects in your office and then easily transfer the configuration to the construction site as needed. The project report is available as a PDF and can be used to provide technical specifications.

ESY-App: making configuration, mobile management and documentation easy

  • Easily create a project with an individual description
  • Create up to 64 floors, each with up to 64 rooms and up to 64 devices per room
  • Select and configure products with fewer steps
  • Automatically save the project with all settings stored
  • Send project documentation as a PDF file and print it off

With the ESY app, you have access to your project library at all times! You can create projects in your office and then easily transfer the configuration to the construction site as needed.

Previously implemented configurations can be retrieved and individually adjusted.

The project documentation is integrated into a PDF report that you can email and print off as required.