Whether dark grey or white, a variety of bases for different types of desks, or combined with pendant lights for elegant light strips – the ISABELLE series demonstrates maximum flexibility.


Intelligent lighting
even in the home office

The free-standing lights in the ISABELLE series combine a durable design with intelligent technology for optimum lighting, convenience and energy- efficiency, even in the home office. Depending on presence and incoming daylight, and entirely according to demand.


INTELLIGENT luminaire head

With an integrated presence detector, office floor lights and pendant lights light up extremely easily and efficiently – the user can also conveniently switch the light on and off, or dim the light using the button on the luminaire head.


light quality with high yield

Not only do the lights enable pleasant, healthy work thanks to flicker-free direct and indirect light, thanks to their UGR value, they are also perfectly suited for use in screen-based workspaces (office floor light UGR ≤ 19) or for technical drawing (pendant light UGR ≤ 16). Depending on the model, they shine with a light colour of 3000 or 4000 kelvin. In addition to their intelligent control system, the lights’ total luminous efficacy of 133 lm/W also ensures a high level of energy efficiency.



The sensors in the presence detector alone reduce costs dramatically, since they automatically ensure that the light only shines when people are present. The presence detector also has a light sensor. This compares the workplace brightness level to a prescribed value. Of course, the existing daylight entering through the window is taken into consideration here. If this is sufficient for work, the presence detector switches the artificial light off. The detector also has constant lighting control, which can be used to save even more energy: This continually adjusts the artificial light so that, combined with the available daylight, the prescribed amount of light is achieved. The target value can easily be adapted to suit individual requirements using either a button or a remote control. This is the best possible use of daylight.

Impressive flexibility

The ISABELLE pendant lights are available as an ON/OFF or DALI variant with an optional presence detector and enable intelligent light management depending on individual preferences.

Quality with a clear goal: Life

The high-quality housing is made from powder-coated aluminium, while the transparent cover for the indirect light prevents objects entering from above and causing damage. This means that the simple design of the light is not only timeless, it also meets the highest standards in terms of quality, wear resistance and durability.

Advantages at a glance

  • Glare- and flicker-free direct and indirect light
  • With optional presence-controlled constant lighting control
  • Suitable for screen-based work places (UGR ≤ 19)
  • Switch and dim via a button or remote control
  • Transparent cover for indirect light
  • Housing made from 100% powder-coated aluminium
  • Office floor light with adjustable base for ensuring the light is level
  • Pendant light with warp-resistant metal housing
  • Variants available with a presence detector including remote control