PRANA+ is esy, BECAUSE IT intelligently combines DESIGN and LIGHT

perfected design

With its premium design and purist design language, the lights in the PRANA+ series have a timeless look that integrates harmoniously into any style of office architecture.


Intelligently CONTROLLED

The high-end sensor technology in the lamp stem of the office floor light ensures a high level of automation convenience, an optimal lighting atmosphere – and the greatest energy efficiency.


Radiantly beautiful

Cutting-edge electronics ensure impressive light quality. The office floor light comes equipped with our SymbiLogic technology: For energy-efficient human-centric lighting in the workplace.


set for perfect lighting: FROM HEAD...

Not only is the PRANA+ Office Floor Light perfectly designed, it also has an impressive functionality. As desks can vary in worktop length, the head and stem of the office floor light are designed for linear movement and assembled accordingly. This allows the user to slide the head up to 18 cm along the horizontal axis – enough flexibility for just the right light at every desk. Even the optional, patented base for the PRANA+ Office Floor Light is proof that intelligent product design for the office can only be created by taking existing furniture variants into account...


Since the base can be extended, allowing the light to be used even with desks that have closed-off, floor-level side panels. The base and desk then form a seamless unit that visually highlights the harmonious functionality of the light.

Design that impresses the experts

Nothing confirms the quality of a design as highly as recognition from independent specialists, and our PRANA+ Office Floor Light has achieved that many times over.


high-end sensor technology in the lamp stem

Maximum quality of life and energy efficiency can be achieved only when individual setting options are combined with an intelligent light management system. For this reason, any modern lighting solution must also feature adequate integrated intelligence. To perform this function, a high-tech sensor is built into the stem of the office floor light. Using its integrated presence and light sensor technology, the sensor decides when and how much artificial light is needed – always in conjunction with the presence of people and the amount of available daylight. As a result, the light consumes energy only when it is really needed and only at the necessary level.

elegant override

Whether switching, dimming, changing the light colour or accessing unique scenes, the user can change everything to their own wishes using the stylish control element in the light stem.

variable direct and indirect light

Two light panels for direct and indirect light that floods the ceiling provide additional flexibility when individually designing a pleasant lighting atmosphere. Both panels can be switched on or off or dimmed independently of each other!

Rome-bound at the touch of a button

Convenient operation via digital communication has long been a given when a product solution needs to be easy to use. So it goes without saying that we have enabled the same technology in the PRANA+ Office Floor Light: All parameters can be easily changed with a smartphone, tablet or PC. The same applies to the SymbiLogic biodynamic lighting programmes. If you want to adjust the lighting conditions to a variety of regions around the world, the web app for the office floor light can do this easily. Deciding where to go is the hard part: to 5th Avenue in the Big Apple? The Stockholm archipelago? Or how about a cappuccino in the "Eternal City" by the Tiber River?

when beauty is handed down: the PRANA+ Pendulum Light

It is unmistakably part of the family from the very first glance. The PRANA+ Pendulum Light perfectly complements the office floor lights in the series and promises a harmonious overall design for lighting planning in all offices. The pendant lamp is just as timelessly sleek and elegant in appearance, featuring high-quality materials and excellent light quality. Every detail is designed to impress: The connection cables are so robust and artful that they simply and elegantly replace the suspension. Not only does it look good, it is also extremely efficient.

elegant electronics

The pendant light is available in variants for simple dimming or with DALI electronic ballast for an intelligent light management system. Nevertheless, the ballast still preserves the clean-cut, aesthetic form: It is hidden within an elegant stainless-steel housing.

a stylish performance in every setting

To ensure that the office floor light and pendant light can be seamlessly integrated into any surrounding, we add different finishes to the light surfaces. Whether you choose anodised black, powder-coated white or chrome, there is a variant to suit every indoor setting.