Brightness controller FLAT MINI

The LS FLAT mini KNX dimmer switch ensures that a better level of individuality, flexibility and energy efficiency can be achieved for any KNX lighting control system. Hidden in a tiny housing, its light measurement can be used to switch, regulate or control two separate light channels. It can align two external light values with its own value, thereby providing almost unlimited possibilities for multi-point measurements and cascading.

  • Switches, controls and regulates up to two separate light channels
  • Can be combined with presence and motion detectors as well as additional light sensors for optimal control and regulation of large or complex room situations
  • Extensive measuring range of the internal light sensor of up to 10,000 lux
  • Flat lens with an installation height of only 3 mm and a diameter of 33 mm
  • Light channels can be configured extensively
  • With orientation light and twilight switch function

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