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The CU-C RCB is a compact KNX room controller that offers a decentralised alternative to a large switchboard. Together with the associated sensors, the cross-component switch actuators and interfaces within one small housing enable the ideal lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation conditions to be created in a room. The innovative concept not least simplifies the cabling and enables easy modernisation room by room.

  • Light control via DALI for up to 12 lights in max. four groups, including power supply (230 V and DALI bus voltage); with DALI emergency light function
  • PWM control for heating/cooling incl. six-way valve control
  • Threshold value monitoring, time, logic and simple blind functions
  • Manual override using two push button inputs
  • Ready for operation with connection to 230 V and KNX bus voltage supply and configurable via ETS
  • Installation using a plug-and-play process through integrated WAGO WINSTA® connectors
  • Compatible presence detector available as an accessory

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