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Controls | Serie SMARTDRIVER-2

SMARTDRIVER-2Series IRRemote controllable 4C+2Number of light channels + Number of HLK-channels x4Number of outputs luminaires ELC ELCESYLUX LIGHT CONTROL

Item number EC10431401GTIN 4015120431401

The SMARTDRIVER-2 is an integrated control unit for system lights with ESYLUX Light Control (ELC) that enables easy room-by-room modernisation using plug-and-play, without any programming effort. The system lights combine ELC control units, ELC sensor systems, ELC ceiling lights and cabling to implement presence- and daylight-dependent lighting. These system lights also meet the highest standards for energy-efficient human centric lighting with SymbiLogic technology. Lights manufactured by third parties can also be integrated into and controlled by the system.

Technical data

Device category Control
Product information ELC lighting systems combine compatible components via plug-and-play: ELC main lighting, control unit and sensor system. Alternatively: The ELC lights are also suitable for plug-and-play installation outside ELC lighting systems if suitable driver sets (accessories) are used
Remote controllabledone
Conformity CE, EAC, RoHS, WEEE
Warranty 5 years
Installation type Recessed mounting
Installation position Ceiling
Installation dimension Installation length: 575 mm x Installation width: 285 mm x Installation depth: 125 mm
Type of connection Push terminal
Dimensions Length 555 mm x Width 262 mm x Height/Depth 85 mm
Weight 2758 g
Material Steel, galvanised
Protection type IP20
Permissible ambient temperature 0 °C...+40 °C
Relative humidity 5 – 93 %, non-condensing
Colour white
Electrical version
Power consumption 133 W
Type of light source LED
Output voltage 48 – 48 V DC
Control system ELC (ESYLUX Light Control), DALI
max. output power Pcg (specified) 120 W
Standby power consumption Psb (specified) 0.5 W
Power consumption Pnet 0.5 W
Energy efficiency at full load 88 %
Protection class I
Nominal voltage 230 V ~ / 50 – 60 Hz
Output current 2800 mA
Stand-by consumption < 0.5 W
Number of light channels 4
Number of control units per grou 20
Number of light groups 10
Push button input lighting 2
Number of HVAC-channels 2
Number of scenes 4
Orientation light disabled/10 – 50 %, 2 values can be selected
Constant light controldone
Orientation light duration or timedone
Number of outputs luminaires ELC 4
Number of outputs luminaires DALI 2
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