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Presence and motion detectors ATMO

Thanks to its unique multi-sensor elements, the ATMO KNX presence detector ensures not only an optimal level of brightness, but also a healthy and productive ambient climate in the room. With a total of six sensors in just one device, there is no need for several individual solutions. This shows just how easy it is to accommodate complex requirements using intelligent technology.

  • Extensive multi-sensor elements for intelligent light and HVAC control
  • Visual or acoustic warning for demand-driven ventilation
Delivery time from stock: approx. 72 hours
Delivery time from stock: on demand
Product status: Core portfolio
Detector type: Presence detectors
Installation position: Ceiling
Detection angle: 360°
Field of detection width: Ø 8 m
Remote controllable: Yes
Protection type: IP20
Control system: KNX
Type of connection: Push terminal
  • Comprehensive multi-sensor system for intelligent light and HVAC control
  • Demand-driven light switching or automatic light control at a constant brightness level depending on presence and daylight (constant light control)
  • Measurement of the ambient temperature as heat reflection of surfaces in the room (furniture, floors, walls); facilitates a constant temperature level regardless of short-term changes (e.g. temporary ventilation, open door etc.)
  • Variants (ATMO A/O) with additional measurement of relative humidity for dew point calculation (e.g. to prevent mould growth in rarely used rooms)
  • Variant (ATMO O) with additional measurement of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) for optimal control of the air quality; alternatively to automatic control, a visual or acoustic warning can be issued if a limit value is exceeded (for manual ventilation in line with demand)
  • Built-in acoustic sensor system to support PIR sensor systems in complex and angular rooms
  • Simple adjustment of the range and field of detection due to the lens cover, which can be cut to size

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