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Presence and motion detectors | Serie ATMO

PD-ATMO 360i/8 A KNX

Item number EP10427206GTIN 4015120427206

Offers special product features like

  • Sensor devices: Humidity, temperature, acoustics, light, presence
  • Presence and daylight dependent constant light control
  • KNX functions: Alarm via object, twilight switch (1 object), brightness detection via object, light-dependent motion detection, scene telegram via object, night-light feature (7 colours available)

Technical data

Device category Ceiling-mounted presence detector
Product information Mounting position: Keep a safe distance of 5 m from radio antennas (e.g. WiFi access points).
Included in delivery Includes lens mask
Remote controllabledone
Conformity CE, EAC, RoHS, WEEE
Warranty 5 years
Installation type Flush-mounted/Device socket Ø 68 mm
Installation position Ceiling
Installation dimension Installation depth: 24 mm, Ø 60 mm
Type of connection Push terminal
Dimensions Height/Depth 38 mm, Ø 108 mm
Weight 162 g
Material UV-stabilised polycarbonate
Protection type IP20
Permissible ambient temperature 5 °C...+35 °C
Relative humidity 5 – 93 %, non-condensing, 10 – 90%, non-condensing
Colour white, similar to RAL 9010
Electrical version
Control system KNX
Protection class III
Nominal voltage 29 – 31 V DC
Power consumption 0.2 W
Power consumption 6 mA
Stand-by consumption < 0.3 W
Detection angle 360°
Detection range diagonally Ø 8 m
Detection range head-on Ø 6 m
Detection range presence Ø 4 m
Field of detection up to 50 m²
Max. mounting height 5 m
Level of brightness 5 – 2000 lx
Number of light channels 2
Number of HVAC-channels 1
Push button input lighting 2
Push button input HVACdone
Slave inputdone
Mode Semi-automatic, Fully automatic
Switching delay from "dark to light" 300 s
Switching delay from "light to dark" 30 s
Constant light controldone
Sensitivity configurabledone
KNX input manual light control, block objects, reset, slave
KNX output presence, status, light value, HVAC
KNX functions Presence simulation, Constant lighting control, Manual override, Master- / slave-toiminto, Night-light feature, Sensitivity configurable, Sends a telegram at regular intervals
Channels (lighting / HVAC): C1 Lighting
ChannelC1 Lighting
Function Switching, Regulate
Switch contact Bus system
Switch-off delay time 30 s...720 min (adjustable in steps)
Orientation light disabled/10 – 50 %, 2 values can be selected
Switch-off delay time, orientation light 60 s...250 min
Channels (lighting / HVAC): C2 Lighting
ChannelC2 Lighting
Function Switching, Regulate
Offset setting c2 offset from c1 (-100 % to +100 %)
Switch contact Bus system
Switch-off delay time 10 s...60 min (adjustable in steps)
Orientation light disabled/10 – 50 %, 2 values can be selected
Switch-off delay time, orientation light 60 s...250 min
Channels (lighting / HVAC): C3 HVAC
ChannelC3 HVAC
Function Switching
Switch contact Bus system
Switch-on delay 120 s...30 min
Switch-off delay time 60 s...720 min (adjustable in steps)

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