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Presence and motion detectors COMPACT MINI

When it is really important not to mar the aesthetic design of a room with technical elements, the mini presence and motion detectors are the perfect solution. Their tiny housings and extremely low installation heights mean that they retreat unobtrusively into the background, while nevertheless keeping a close eye on everything thanks to their high-quality sensor technology. They are available for all common operating technologies and consistently impress clients due to the ease of use.

Delivery time from stock: approx. 72 hours
Delivery time from stock: on demand
Product status: Core portfolio
Detector type: Motion detectors
Detector type: Presence detectors
Installation type: Recessed mounting
Installation position: Ceiling
Colour: Opal matt
Detection angle: 360°
Field of detection width: Ø 6 m
Field of detection width: Ø 8 m
Field of detection width: Ø 12 m
Remote controllable: No
Remote controllable: Yes
Protection type: IP55
Protection type: IP65
Control system: 12 - 36 V UC
Control system: ON/OFF
Control system: DALI
Control system: KNX
Type of connection: Plug
Type of connection: Push terminal
Type of connection: Open end
Type of connection: Socket
  • Extremely compact design with diameters of just 25 mm (Ø 6-m detection range) to 58 mm (Ø 12-m detection range)
  • Demand-driven switching of lighting (230 V) or automatic light control (1 - 10 V, 12 - 36 V, DALI or KNX) at a constant brightness level depending on presence and daylight (constant light control)
  • Convenient adjustment using remote control, e.g. fully/semi-automatic, light values, switch-off delay times and button functions
  • Numerous variants (range, presence/motion, lighting and HVAC control) for all common interfaces (230 V, 1 - 10 V, 12 - 36 V, DALI, KNX)
  • Suitable for the control of LED lights via high-performance relay with tungsten pre-contact (230 V)
  • Simple programming using remote control and "blue mode" technology
  • Switching delay to avoid unwanted switching due to temporary variations in brightness
  • Manual override and staircase lighting function for detectors with push button input
  • Orientation light function for detectors with 1 - 10 V, DALI or KNX

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