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Presence and motion detectors | Serie COMPACT MINI

PD-C 360i/8 mini KNX

Item number EP10426155GTIN 4015120426155

Offers special product features like

  • Presence and daylight dependent constant light control
  • KNX functions: Alarm, twilight switch, brightness detection, light-dependent motion detection, snooze function, scene telegram via object

Technical data

Device category Ceiling-mounted presence detector
Product information Mounting position: Keep a safe distance of 5 m from radio antennas (e.g. WiFi access points).
Included in delivery includes lens mask, spring installation clips, clamping installation ring
Remote controllabledone
Conformity CE, EAC, RoHS, SundaHus, WEEE
Warranty 5 years
Installation type Recessed mounting
Installation position Ceiling
Installation dimension Installation depth: 45 mm, Ø 25 mm
Type of connection Push terminal
Dimensions Height/Depth 60 mm, Ø 33 mm
Weight 61 g
Material UV-stabilised polycarbonate
Protection type IP55
Permissible ambient temperature 5 °C...+50 °C
Relative humidity 5 – 93 %, non-condensing
Colour opal matt
Electrical version
Control system KNX
Protection class III
Nominal voltage 29 – 31 V DC
Power consumption 0.2 W
Power consumption 6 mA
Detection angle 360°
Detection range diagonally Ø 8 m
Detection range head-on Ø 5 m
Detection range presence Ø 3 m
Field of detection up to 50 m²
Max. mounting height 5 m
Level of brightness 5 – 2000 lx
Number of light channels 2
Number of HVAC-channels 1
Push button input lighting 1
Slave inputdone
Mode Semi-automatic, Fully automatic
Switching delay from "dark to light" 300 s
Switching delay from "light to dark" 30 s
Constant light controldone
Sensitivity configurabledone
KNX input manual light control, block objects, reset, slave
KNX output presence, status, light value, HVAC
KNX functions Presence simulation, Manual override, Master- / slave-toiminto, Night-light feature, Sensitivity configurable, Sends a telegram at regular intervals
Channels (lighting / HVAC): C1 Lighting
ChannelC1 Lighting
Function Switching, Regulate
Switch contact Bus system
Switch-off delay time 30 s...720 min (adjustable in steps)
Orientation light disabled/10 – 50 %, 2 values can be selected
Channels (lighting / HVAC): C2 Lighting
ChannelC2 Lighting
Function Switching, Regulate
Offset setting c2 offset from c1 (-80 % to +80 %)
Switch-off delay time 10 s...60 min (adjustable in steps)
Orientation light disabled/10 – 50 %, 2 values can be selected
Switch-off delay time, orientation light 60 s...250 min
Channels (lighting / HVAC): C3 HVAC
ChannelC3 HVAC
Function Switching
Switch-on delay 120 s...30 min
Switch-off delay time 10 s...720 min (adjustable in steps)

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