PD-C 360i/12 mini KNX

Item number EP10426162

When it is really important not to mar the aesthetic design of a room with technical elements, the mini presence and motion detectors are the perfect solution. Their tiny housings and extremely low installation heights mean that they retreat unobtrusively into the background, while nevertheless keeping a close eye on everything thanks to their high-quality sensor technology. They are available for all common operating technologies and consistently impress clients thanks to the particular ease of installation.


Installation type Recessed mounting
Installation position Ceiling
Protection type IP55
Dimensions Height/Depth 25 mm, Ø 58 mm
Power consumption 0.2 W
Detection range diagonally Ø 12 m
Light measurement mixed light
Level of brightness 5 - 2000 lx
warranty 5 years

Technical data

Special product features Alarm via object , Twilight switch (1 item) , Brightness detection via the object , Light-dependent motion detection , Snooze function , Scene number over object
Conformity CE , RoHS , SundaHus , WEEE
Installation type Recessed mounting
Installation position Ceiling
Installation dimension Installation depth: 45 mm, Ø 25 mm
Connection WAGO
Dimensions Height/Depth 25 mm, Ø 58 mm
Weight 159 g
Material UV-stabilised polycarbonate
Protection type IP55
Permissible ambient temperature 5 °C...+50 °C
Relative humidity 5 - 93 %, non-condensing
Colour Opal matt
Electrical version
Protection class III
Nominal voltage 29 - 31 V
Supply line approx. 20 cm, including plug
Power consumption 0.2 W
Power consumption 6 mA
Detection angle 360°
Detection range diagonally Ø 12 m
Detection range head-on Ø 6 m
Detection range zone de présence Ø 4 m
Field of detection 113 m²
Recommended installation height 3 m
Max. mounting height 5 m
Level of brightness 5 - 2000 lx
Slave input Yes, unit can be configured as a master or slave device
Fully automatic yes
Semi-automatic yes
constant lighting control 1
Switching delay from "dark to light" [s] 300 s
Switching delay from "light to dark" [s] 30 s
Switch-on delay channel 3 disabled/2 min - 30 min
Time setting channel 3 disabled/10 sec./1 min./12 h.
Channel 1Lighting
Interface Switching/Dimming
Contact Bus system
Switch-off delay time disabled/30 sec. - 12 hours
Orientation light disabled/10 - 50 %, 2 values can be selected
Switch-off delay time, orientation light only in controlling modus: continuous lighting/1 min - 250 min
Turn-on delay disabled/2 min - 30 min
Switch-off delay channel 2 10 sec.–1 hour
Bus voltage 29-31 V = (KNX)
KNX input manual light control, block objects, reset, slave
KNX output presence, status, light value, HVAC
Master/slave function 1
constant lighting control 1
Presence simulation 1
Manual override yes
Night-light feature yes
Light channel c1 + c2 switching/dimming, c2 offset from c1 (-80 % to +80 %)

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