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Presence detectors / Wall mounting / 12 - 36 V UC

Presence and motion detectors COMPACT

The COMPACT presence and motion detectors have successfully built themselves a reputation among our range of sensors as traditional favourites and true all-rounders. Their robust design and high level of performance are just as impressive as their huge versatility in terms of applications: Whether ceiling or wall detector, whether 230 V, KNX, DALI or DALI-2, whether switching, dimming or HVAC, they ensure a perfect combination of convenience and energy efficiency at all times — and offer an innovative solution with touch-sensitive lens surfaces due to the touch detectors.

  • Offers numerous variants for multi-channel light and HVAC control
  • One design for all applications within a building
  • Two-piece housing for simple installation

Presence detectors / Wall mounting / 12 - 36 V UC

Delivery time from stock: approx. 72 hours
Product status: Core portfolio
Detector type: Presence detectors
Installation type: Recessed mounting
Installation position: Wall
Colour: Opal matt
Detection angle: 180°
Field of detection width: Ø 16 m
Remote controllable: Yes
Protection type: IP20
Control system: 12 - 36 V UC
Type of connection: Push terminal
  • Two-part housing with sensor head and power box for quick and easy installation
  • Variants for recessed, surface and flush mounting on ceilings available
  • Demand-driven switching of light (230 V) or automatic light control (1 - 10 V, 12 - 36 V, DALI or KNX) at a constant brightness level depending on presence and daylight (constant light control)
  • Various setting options (DIP, remote control or adjustment control), e.g. fully/semi-automatic, light values, switch-off delay times and button functions
  • Optimised for the control of LED lights via high-performance relay with tungsten pre-contact (230 V)
  • Integrated toggle provides the option of setting with remote control or adjustment control (to prevent operating errors and provide tamper protection)
  • Switching delay to avoid incorrect switching due to temporary, e.g. weather-related brightness variations
  • Manual override with staircase lighting function for detectors with push button input
  • Orientation light function for detectors with 1 - 10 V, DALI, DALI-2 or KNX
  • Wall-mounted variants compatible with common brands of switch series for a harmonious look

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