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Presence and motion detectors FLAT Quality sensor system in an elegant design

Whether in an exclusive lounge or a prestigious board office — many locations feature elegant interior décor which demands equally attractive room technology. The perfect task for the FLAT presence and motion detectors: With their flat design, they have a particularly unobtrusive appearance, while a range of variants offers the perfect solution for every taste.

  • Stylish design with flat body
  • Small junction box provides a large wiring space in every flush-mounted socket
Delivery time from stock: approx. 72 hours
Delivery time from stock: on demand
Product status: New product
Detector type: Motion detectors
Detector type: Presence detectors
Control system: ON/OFF
Control system: DALI
Control system: DALI-2
Control system: KNX
Protection type: IP20
Max. installation height: 5
Installation position: Ceiling
Function: Switching
Function: Regulate
Function: Send values
Zero-cross switching: Yes
Zero-cross switching: No
Crosswise (A): 8.0
Sensing range: 360°
Remote controllable: Yes
Remote controllable: No
Type of connection: Plug
Type of connection: Socket
Type of connection: Push terminal
  • Elegant design with a flat body (6 mm) and low installation depth (24 mm)
  • Covers with glass surfaces are available
  • Demand-driven lighting switching (230 V) or automatic light control (DALI or KNX) at a constant brightness level depending on presence and daylight (constant light control)
  • Instantly ready for use thanks to pre-installed factory settings (230 V, DALI)
  • Automatic configuration of light ballasts (DALI broadcast)
  • Simple configuration using remote control
  • Extensive individual configuration options for 47 communication objects (KNX)
  • Optimised to control LED lights whilst protecting the relay through zero-cross switching (230 V)
  • Small junction box provides a large wiring area in every flush-mounted socket