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Indoor lighting

Delivery time from stock: approx. 14 working days
Delivery time from stock: approx. 72 hours
Delivery time from stock: on demand
Product status: New product
SET / System Solution: No
SET / System Solution: Yes
System dimensions: 68
System dimensions: 90
System dimensions: 112
System dimensions: 125
System dimensions: 165
System dimensions: 225
System dimensions: 300
System dimensions: 1200
System dimensions: 300 x 300
System dimensions: 600 x 600
System dimensions: 1200 x 300
System dimensions: 1265
System dimensions: 1565
Installation position: Wall
Installation position: Ceiling
Installation position: Floor
Installation position: Ceiling / wall
Installation type: Surface mounting
Installation type: Pendant
Installation type: Free standing
Installation type: Wall bracket
Installation type: Insert
Installation type: Recessed mounting
Diffusor: semi-opal
Diffusor: opal
Diffusor: transparent
Glare suppression: DDP (micro-prismatic)
Glare suppression: LDP (linear-prismatic)
Unified Glare Rating: ≤ 16
Unified Glare Rating: ≤ 19
Unified Glare Rating: ≤ 22
Unified Glare Rating: ≤ 25
Unified Glare Rating: ≤ 28
Unified Glare Rating: ≤ 30
Light emission: Direct
Light emission: Indirect
Light emission: Direct/indirect
Colour temperature: 3000 K
Colour temperature: 4000 K
Colour temperature: approx. 4500 K
Colour temperature: 3100 K
Colour temperature: 4100 K
Colour temperature: 4200 K
Power supply system: Central (common battery)
Light duration: 3 h
Light duration: 3 h / 8 h
Light duration: 4 h
Light duration: 8 h
Control system: ON/OFF
Control system: DALI
Control system: KNX
Protection type: IP20
Protection type: IP30
Protection type: IP40
Protection type: IP43
Protection type: IP44
Protection type: IP54
Protection type: IP65
Sensor: No
Sensor: Yes
Remote controllable: No
Remote controllable: Yes
Field of detection width: Ø 3 m
Field of detection width: Ø 4 m
Field of detection width: Ø 6 m
Field of detection width: Ø 8 m
Field of detection width: Ø 15 m
Field of detection width: Ø 20 m
Field of detection width: Ø 24 m
Type of connection: Open end
Type of connection: Push terminal
Type of connection: Socket
Connector: LINECT®
Connector: RJ45

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