Deckeneinbauleuchte Corridor

Emergency lights ELH

The ELH series provides escape route lighting for single-battery operation with a lens construction that is specially designed for extensive areas — either for oval illumination of floors or circular illumination of large rooms. Its larger-than-average range reduces the number of lights required. The integrated DALI interface ensures high levels of control flexibility during operation and convenient maintenance.

  • Single-battery 3-h emergency light
  • Suitable for surface or recessed ceiling mounting
  • Special lenses for the far-reaching illumination of large rooms (O) or long hallways (C)
  • Continual load monitoring with automatic weekly function test and six-monthly continuous function test
  • Test results indicated by coloured status LEDs
  • Optionally, operation in continuous or standby mode
  • Includes rechargeable NiCd battery with reverse polarity protected connection
  • Connection via push terminals with through-wiring option
  • Optional remote disconnection and status readout function via DALI bus

Deckeneinbauleuchte Corridor

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