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4000 K / 600 x 600 mm / 33 W

Recessed lights STELLA

With their low profile design, LED recessed lights in the STELLA series are well-suited to flexible applications in offices, learning environments and healthcare facilities. As such, they fulfil all requirements of contemporary light installations in terms of their straightforward handling, light quality and energy efficiency.

4000 K / 600 x 600 mm / 33 W

Delivery time from stock: approx. 72 hours
System dimensions: 600 x 600
Installation position: Ceiling
Installation type: Insert
Diffuser: opal
Glare suppression: DDP (micro-prismatic)
Unified Glare Rating: ≤ 19
Unified Glare Rating: ≤ 22
Light emission: Direct
Colour temperature: 4000 K
Luminous flux: 3700
Luminous flux: 3800
Luminous flux: 3900
Rated output P: 37.0
Rated output P: 38.0
Control system: ON/OFF
Control system: DALI
Protection type: IP20
Sensor: No
Remote controllable: No
Type of connection: Push terminal

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