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3000 K / 50 W

Floodlights BASIC OFL/AFL

The compact floodlights in the BASIC OFL/AFL entry-level series are suitable for the space-saving illumination of traffic routes, garages and squares or the illumination of façades and signs. The optional integrated motion detector enables automatic and energy-efficient operation.

3000 K / 50 W

Remote controllable: No
Luminous flux: 5000
Delivery time from stock: approx. 72 hours
Rated output P: 47.0
Installation position: Wall
Colour temperature: 3000 K
Protection type: IP65
Light emission: Direct
Field of detection width: 8 m
Unified Glare Rating: < 30
Control system: ON/OFF
Diffuser: transparent
Sensor: No
Sensor: Yes
Installation type: Surface mounting
Type of connection: Open end

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Remote controllable
Luminous flux
Delivery time from stock
Rated output P
Installation position
Colour temperature
Protection type
Light emission
Field of detection width
Unified Glare Rating
Control system
Installation type
Type of connection
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