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The secretarial office in a school has multiple roles: switchboard, door opener, ticket issuer, enrolment point, schoolbook loans, central contact for reporting absent students, information on teacher substitution schedules, records office, accounting, helper in an emergency… In short, the secretarial office is the school's nerve centre. That's why everything has to run smoothly. Good lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere and promotes concentration and well-being.

Lighting with constant lighting control in a clear format

ISABELLE free-standing lights allow highly flexible positioning on the desk, while the presence detector installed in its luminaire head controls the light depending on presence and daylight. In the same elegant design, the ISABELLE pendant lights above the reception desk provide on-demand, glare-free direct and indirect light. A master light with integrated presence detector and light sensor is connected to a DALI dimmable configuration using a connection plate.


  • Comfort, well-being and concentration thanks to glare-free direct and indirect light
  • Energy efficiency and saving through constant lighting control
  • Light setpoint can be customised with manual dimming

Planning example

Room size
28 m2

2 x ISABELLE FSL free-standing lights
2 x ISABELLE PDL pendant lights with integrated presence detector and light sensor, DALI dimmable
2 x ISABELLE PDL pendant lights, DALI dimmable

Integrated into lighting (see above)

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light quality

Benefit from the advantages of the best light quality: on any working day, in any workplace, for any visual task.



Take advantage of the potential for lower investments, shorter payback times and permanently reduced operating costs.


in the office

Benefit from the savings potential of a demand-driven automation system of light and ventilation in the office.


24 hours a day

Reliably support the orientation and safety of your employees with intelligent lighting solutions.


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