Tasteful versatility: Canteens

In the canteen, your favourite dish is not the only thing that is a matter of taste: When it comes design and ambience, taste is just as diverse as the requirements. Ultimately, employees should enjoy their time here as much as possible – whether at the buffet or a corner table. At the same time, the air shouldn’t make you tired and odours shouldn’t spoil your visit. ESYLUX provides solutions that are both effective and elegant and also put the issue of efficiency on the map.

Example solution
Scalable, intelligent lighting system with variable downlights

The CELINE Quadro set linear luminaires create the perfect look, the ALICA downlights with pivoting luminaire head are integrated via the DALI interfaces of the system and improve the ambience. The system is infinitely scalable and takes over the light management itself thanks to integrated sensors and a control unit. Ventilation is also integrated via DALI switch and is activated dependent on presence.

CELINE Quadro set

Light system QUADRO-SET 1250 LDP TR 840 ELC
Item number EQ10127571

Light control

Presence detector in the lighting system


Additional lighting

ALICIA DL 68 TR 24° 600 840 DALI WH
Item number EO10302138

Light and HVAC control
Presence detector + DALI switch

Presence detector in the lighting system

DALI switch actuator ACTUATOR FULL AUTO C3 DALI (DALI switch)
Item number EP10427473

Planning example

Room size
127,45 m2

4 x QUADRO-SET 1250 LDP TR 840 ELC
24 x Downlight ALICIA DL 68 TR 24° 600 840 DALI WH

4 x Presence detector
1 x Presence detector PD-C 360i/24 CU-C Light

24 hours a day

Reliably support the orientation and safety of your employees with intelligent lighting solutions.



Take advantage of the potential for lower investments, shorter payback times and permanently reduced operating costs.


light quality

Benefit from the advantages of the best light quality: on any working day, in any workplace, for any visual task.


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